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Thanks to your donation, even though a modest one, you will help us enhance protection of the endangered Mongolian khulan and the Gobi ecosystem s and biodiversity conservation, and you will help improve relations between humans and Gobi wildlife with respect for the needs, difficulties, culture and traditions of the local population sharing the same habitat that endangered Gobi wildlife.


90% of your donation go directly to the field and will fund our research and conservation work. 

10% of your donation will be used for our organization's administrative and functionning needs.  


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You can send us your check to "Association GOVIIN KHULAN" at the following postal address: 



15 rue du Noyer Baron

77690 Montigny-sur-Loing



If you send us a check, please send us your contact information too for that we can keep you updated of our lattest news. 

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You can find above the donation form to download, to fill out and to send us by email if possible at: (to avoid sur-use of paper in order to protect nature), or to send us by mail to the address indicated on the donation form. If you sent your donation form by e-mail, then write on the back of your check your name as wrote on your donation form. [Please don’t forget to specify for which programme you wish your donation to be used].

Other ways to make a donation to our organization

If you want to send us money directly on our bank account or if you want to make a donation while you are based in Mongolia, please contact us at the following e-mail address: 


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