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Help us to protect the endangered Mongolian Khulan (Equus hemionus hemionus) and its habitat and improve relations between herders and khulans, to reach a better harmony between nature, animals and humans  


Donate now and support to our actions.



Thanks to your donation, even though a modest one, you will participate to endangered species and biodiversity conservation, and you will help improve relations between humans and wild Equids and other wildlife with respect for the needs, difficulties, culture and traditions of the local population sharing the same habitat that endangered wildlife.



You can make a donation to support:


1) Research and actions to protect the Khulan and its habitat (that includes : a) research, b) conservation education and public awareness, c) technical - training and financial support to rangers and people involved in the project, and d) community development),  

2) our project to reinforce links between Mongolian culture and traditions with the endangered Mongolian Khulan, Gobi wildlife and nature protection,


3) our organization's functioning, which is vital for our organization and which includes employment in France and in Mongolia and financial and technical support to Mongolian students,


4) Some schools of the southeast Gobi (to buy some edcuational and technical equipment, additional training for teachers, ...) 


5) Some Buddhist monasteries of our study area (especially a small monastery with which we collaborate since 200, that need assistance to rebuilt and preserve the site). 


Thank you very much in advance for your support!


For any more information and for any donation from Mongolia, please contact us at: goviin_khulan@live.fr 


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You can send us a check to "Association GOVIIN KHULAN" at:


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If you send us a check, please send us your contact information too for that we can send you our newsletters.  

Payement by TRANSFER on our bank account

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IBAN: FR76 1870 6000 0072 1968 8427 177 






If you can, please write us an e-mail at goviin_khulan@live.fr to keep us informed that you have transferred money on our bank account, for that we inform that we well received it. You can also send us your donation form by e-mail or just write your contact information and the project you support. Then we will be able to keep you informed on how your donation has been used and to give you news about our project.

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You can find above the donation form to download, to fill out and to send us by email if possible at: goviin_khulan@live.fr (to avoid sur-use of paper in order to protect nature), or to send us by mail to the address indicated on the donation form. If you sent your donation form by e-mail, then write on the back of your check your name as wrote on your donation form. [Please don’t forget to specify for which programme you wish your donation to be used].


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