Association  GOVIIN  KHULAN

Protecting the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its habitat

in partnership with local rangers and communities


for that wildlife and people can coexist in harmony 

Status of the Mongolian Khulan/Mongolian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus hemionus)


ENDANGERED (IUCN Red List and in the Mongolian Red List of Mammals)

Appendix I of the CITES / Appendix II of the CMS


Our objectives: a) enhance knowledge on behavioral ecology of the endangered Mongolian Khulan; its relations with other species (wild and domestic) and human activities; and nature and degree of threats affecting this species's survival, b) protect the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its fragile habitat, c) improve relations between humans and khulans, and d) conserve biodiversity, in partnership with local rangers and communities,

to reach a better harmony between nature, animals and humans. 

Our Last News

New video 2012: "camera traps" program

We have recently published on our Youtube channel a new video we obtained during the summer 2012 with one of our camera traps. You could see on this video, 3 Mongolian wild asses drinking in very early morning at watering holes created by Mongolian wild asses at a dry river bed in order to access to water located underground. 

Partnership started with Nomadic Nature Conservation Mongolia

March 3: World Wildlife Day, support our actions!

Help protect the endangered Mongolian khulan/wild donkey to celebrate the World Wildlife Day the coming March 3!

World Wildlife Day Mongolian wild donkey, ass Mongolia

"The adventures of the young Mongolian Khulan in the Gobi Desert"

A story book about protection of the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its habitat, written by Anne-Camille SOURIS, Chairwoman and research director of GOVIIN KHULAN, and illustrated by ZOLBOO O. a young and talented Mongolian artist. Some copies of this story book, that mixes fiction and real information about the ecology of the Mongolian Khulan, will be donated to schools and children of the Gobi and in other places in Mongolia. Some copies will be also sold in Mongolia and abroad. 

To support this project, to book your copy of this story book and for any more information, please contact us at 

24.10.2013: "Mongolian Khulan are disappearing at an alarming rate" IPS News Agency

Watering holes dug by khulans at dry river beds can be used by several other wild species even by domestic species to drink!

Mongolian Khulan Wild Ass digging a watering hole in the Gobi desert, Mongolia / Монгол Хулан

Did you know that the ‪Mongolian‬ ‪‎khulan‬ / ‪Wild‬ ‎Ass‬ can ‪dig‬ ‪‎holes‬ at ‪‎dry‬ ‪‎riverbeds‬ and ‪water‬ ‪sources‬ in the ‪‎Gobi‬ ‪‎Desert‬ to access to subsurface water and then ‪‎drink‬? 

This behavior is very helpful for khulans, especially during hot summers in the Gobi Desert (photo bellow: a Mongolian Khulan increasing a hole dug at a dry river bed during the night / June 2013. Photo obtained with a trail camera Bushnell / © Anne-Camille Souris). 

Watering holes dug by khulans can be also used by domestic livestock (cows, camels, horses; ...) and wild species (argali, gazelle, wolf, fox, ...) to drink and also by humans. 

To see more photos and photos of other species drinking at holes dug by khulans we observed in June 2013 as well as in 2008 and 2012, and to learn more about our project “trail cameras in support to Mongolian Khulan protection”, please follow the link bellow. 

These photos of several species using holes dug by khulans to drink and obtained with trail cameras have never been published before.

Thus, Mongolian khulans can also help other species sharing the same habitat to access to water and drink, especially during hot summers. 


Trail cameras - June 2013 - first results

During the field trip that has been conducted in June 2013, Anne-Camille used again some trail cameras. Anne-Camille is actually analyzing all photos we obtained with our trail cameras. 

To know more about our project "trail cameras in support to protection of the Mongolian Khulan", please follow this link: "trail cameras / Khulan protection".


To discover some of the photos and results we obtained with our trail cameras in June 2013, as well as about other research we conducted, please follow this link: "research 2013". 

Anne-Camille SOURIS received an award that recognizes her strong involvement in Mongolian Khulan/Mongolian Wild Ass protection / May 2013

During a conference Anne-Camille Souris gave at the Alliance Française of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on May 25, 2013, she received - from Mr. Damdinsuren S. Director of the Mongolian Foundation for Protection of Animal Rights - an award for her involvement in Mongolian Khulan/Wild Ass conservation: "Амьтанд ээлтэй хүн"/"person who is involved in protection of animals/who loves animals". Anne-Camille is the first foreigner to have received this award in Mongolia. 


An award that Anne-Camille also dedicates to our local partners, rangers and families who are locally involved in our project since 2008, to local communities for their support, to our worldwide partners and financial partners thanks to whom we have been able to develop our program to protect the endangered Mongolian Khulan and that is now recognized in Mongolia and worldwide. 

Говийн хулан, Монгол Хулан, Монгол хулан хамгалаалт, Монгол хулан,


A new mission has been recently conducted in June by Anne-Camille Souris for the Association GOVIIN KHULAN during 3 weeks in our study area, in the southeast Gobi. We will soon post on our website some information and photos about this new mission. 

Video of Mongolian khulans

early morning (trail camera)

More videos and photos will be posted here.

Article about the Asiatic Wild Ass

An article about the Asiatic Wild Ass and its mongolian sub-species, the Mongolian Khulan - written by Anne-Camille Souris, president and research Director of GOVIIN KHULAN, has been published in the number 7 (March to May 2013) of the scientific magazine about natural history ESPECES

Take action now and support our work!

Take action now to protect the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its habitat.

Help us to continue our actions and success in 2013

The Association GOVIIN KHULAN

The Association GOVIIN KHULAN is a French non-profit organization co-founded in November 2007 by Anne-Camille SOURIS, ethologist, who is studying Mongolian wild Equids in Mongolia since 2003. First and actually the only NGO in Mongolia principally dedicated to the endangered Mongolian Khulan / Mongolian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus hemionus) protection.


The Mongolian Khulan also known as Mongolian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus hemionus) - which is one of the 5 recognized sub-species of the Asiatic Wild Ass and the largest population of this species in the world - is listed as "Endangered" in the IUCN Red List and in Appendix I of the CITES (Convention of Washington). The population of the Mongolian Khulan has known an important decrease of about 50% since the end of the 1990's.



Our organization’s aims are to:


-enhance knowledge on the Mongolian Khulan's behavioral ecology, its relations with other species (wild and domestic) and human activities, and nature and degree of threats affecting this specie's survival, 


-enhance protection of the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its habitat in partnership with local rangers and communities, 


-to improve relations between humans and khulans, 


-directly involve rangers and local communities in our project to protect this sub-species and its habitat and make local people "citizen conservationists/scientists", 


-provide local rangers, conservationists citizens and Buddhist monks partners of our organization, with technical, material and professional support, as well as to employ some rangers at full-time and at part-time all year round, 


-inform, raise public awareness, and educate young generations in Mongolia, local and international citizens to protect wild species and environement, and to better manage natural resources. In the southeast Gobi some of these actions are conducted in partnership with schools and Buddhist monasteries, 


-reinforce links between Mongolian culture and traditions with protection of the Mongolian Khulan, other wild species and environment, 


-as well as to provide support to local communities to develop new economic opportunities in alternative of illegal hunting and trade of wildlife and motivate them to take care about biodiversity of the place where they live. 


Our actions are mainly conducted in the southeast Gobi, in Mongolia (east of the Umnugobi and south of the Dornogobi aimags/provinces), where there were less actions towards this species protection.


Since the beginning, we cooperate with local scientists and specialists, local authorities, rangers, governors of each administrative subdivision, schools, Buddhist monasteries and the local population of our study area.

Since the summer 2008, we have secured support from some local rangers, local governments, some schools, two Buddhist monasteries and the local community of the south of the Dornogobi aimag.


Local people involvement and local cooperation are both vital for an optimal approach for this project and its long term success.

Since the spring 2011, our organization is an approved partner and recipient of 1% for the Planet, in which 1% member businesses on every continent can give at least 1% of their top-lines sales to environmental charities like ours.


Why "GOVIIN KHULAN" ? "Khulan" is the mongolian name of this sub-species, and "Govi" means the Gobi in mongolian language, thus, "Goviin Khulan" means the Khulan of the Gobi.

We heartily thank Miss UNDRAKH Turmunkh for the superb new logo she benevolently created for our organization beginning of 2011! To discover the meaning and the symbols of our Logo, click here!

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